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Plus Ca Change: A Career Announcement

My ability to acquire an augmented reality Pikachu is not the only reason July 2016 is a momentous month for me. Today marks my final day in just under 2 years at Amazon. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to work on so many historic projects – almost all of which remain unannounced, but most of which will eventually see the light of day. Thank you to everyone who I had the chance to collaborate with on this journey. I will, of course, point out what features and products I worked on as they launch. As job changes are…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 25 Recap

MMFEC retrieves Cromwell, but loses Elsie in the process. Ma1nfram3 turns frustration into triumph in the Matrix – and also goes on a date? We rejoin the team in the midst of an attempt to retrieve their kidnapped troll teammate Cromwell from a train headed to a rendezvous with the Whitetree crime family. Mordecai has just been instilled with fear by a spirit controlled by a mage he’s fighting. Sharky has been ordered to make Ma1nfram3’s van fast enough to keep up with the speeding train, but has failed one attempt and must keep trying Elsie and Fang have descended…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 23 Recap

Per Wuxing’s request, MMFEC has positioned themselves atop the Empress, a container ship bearing Wuxing goods and with a proverbial target on its bow. They face a fierce battle against violent Yakuza to defend the merchandise and the ship, but it turns out that’s not necessarily the cargo the Yakuza were looking for this time. Will their “tank” prove useful or send them to Davy Jones’ locker? Tune in at 6PM PT Wednesdays for our LIVE STREAM of our Shadowrun RPG “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” on

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Pokémon Go: The De-Gamification

I am a lifelong Pokémon fan (Pikachu was my ringbearer) that desperately wants Pokémon GO to survive and thrive. I think the game has tremendous, disruptive potential for the long term (you can read my initial writeup on But I’m also a 15-year veteran of the software, gaming and entertainment industries – and I have many thoughts on the changes in the game in the last month. In the month since Pokémon Go’s initial US release, it has been a rocky road, with spectacular highs and worrisome trends. Certainly the popularity of the game has, for the most part,…

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