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Shadowrun CorpSINs: Episode 17 Recap

Week 17 humbled me, completely. Our second week of shadowrunning at “Sunset Island”, a Horizon theme park that is about to open – except for the murderous technomancer seeking revenge for the corp’s past actions. But the live taping of the episode was a more epic hype train than I was really prepared for; I’m still processing emotions from that experience. So, if you were part of that crowd: THANK YOU. Thank you for the support, and the love, and for being such an important part of our interactive storytelling. There are some points in the video where you can…

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#CorpSINs Episode 16 Recap

Trying something new this week – moving recaps to my blog for easier reading. These recaps are from Ma1nfram3’s perspective, largely, and may not completely represent the episode. 😉 Episode 16 VOD Leaving London We rejoin MMFEC at the Under 10 Championships in an industrial district of London. Elsie and Cromwell have sprung for VIP tickets to the fight, putting them close to the ring where Cromwell’s childhood friend Pip will be fighting Queen Clobber. Ma1nfram3, Fang and Mordecai stay in the gallery, keeping a vigilant eye on the proceedings (Except Fang, who is busy fawning over augmented fighter Midas.)…

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Theatre Life: “I Saw U”

Tonight is my final performance for this run of “I Saw U” at Unexpected Productions. This is actually the second run for this show – I very much enjoyed the first production in May/June 2014. Unlike some of our shows, this one uses very rich suggestions – specifically, 4 real-life stories pulled from a very specific sort of source. Seattle’s local newspaper has a column called ‘I Saw You” – it’s much like Craigslist’s Missed Connections. People write semi-anonymous messages to other people they noticed in real life but failed to connect with. They’re usually of a romantic nature. Our…

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Ma1n-splaining To Do: CorpSINs Week 6

Welcome, chummers! Hard to believe we’re already done with 6 episodes of “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” at Hyper RPG. Last week, my character Ma1nfram3 made a major reveal of one of her secrets to the rest of MMFEC. It’s kind of her own fault for starting Truth or Dare in the first place, but I digress. Who is Ma1nfram3? She is the character I play on #CorpSINs – the party’s Decker, who handles digital espionage and combat via the ubiquitous Shadowrun Matrix. She’s ever so slightly clumsy in real life, but fairly talented in the digital realm. She boasts a brash…

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Welcome to the Twitchbowl: Hyper RPG

You can see Cheryl LIVE every week on Hyper RPG’s “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs”. Broadcasts are free at from 6PM – 9PM Wednesdays (Pacific Time). Rebroadcasts are available on-demand at HRPG’s YouTube channel. I joined the Twitch universe recently in a big way. In January, several of my friends from NERDprov and I were approached by a producer who had just moved up here from Los Angeles to start a gaming-oriented Twitch channel. Would we be interested in a gig where we played a pen-and-paper RPG on live on camera with each other for three hours a week? Short answer:…

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