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Improv for Roleplayers: Starting Your Journey

For the last 8 months (and counting), I’ve had the honor of improvising within the constructs of a roleplaying game live on Twitch every week on “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” at Hyper RPG. Many of our fans see what we’re doing on the show and ask about how to get into improv themselves, hoping that it might enhance their own skills or the enjoyment they get out of live roleplaying. The good news is that you’d likely see benefits from just a few classes, as opposed to needing to study improv for years. Much of advanced improv study moves into the…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 33 Recap

MMFEC’s relationships are as frayed as Cromwell’s optic nerves, but Miss J’s need of a BIG favor brings the team together again on a road trip southwards into political and physical peril. Shadowrun: Corporate SINs is a fully improvised role playing game aired LIVE every Wednesday from 6PM to 9PM Pacific time on premium livestreaming Twitch channel Hyper RPG. Cheryl co-stars as “Ma1nfram3”, the team’s Decker. Our subscribers influence the game universe by joining one of the fictional Shadowrun corporations on our Discord and planning in-game actions. The livestreams are free to watch, and on-demand videos are available on YouTube…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 30 Recap

Ma1nfram3 robs a bank of data in broad daylight as MMFEC finishes their political mission. The team gets surprisingly busy during a month off (TWO of them have dates?), and gangs up to surprise Ma1nfram3 with a birthday party. And Aztechnology makes MMFEC a dangerous offer they can’t refuse… Tune in at 6PM PT Wednesdays for our LIVE STREAM of our Shadowrun RPG “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” on

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