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The Discovery of Strangers

It was a long week, one that started well in another state, but long just the same. From Disneyland on Sunday, to the knowledge that my team’s work was being reviewed by our CEO on Monday. Like Schroedinger’s Box, that meeting held some important revelation but none of us could see it. Positive news came in Tuesday morning en route to the airport. Back at home, a shortened but significant work week in preparation for another major review. Friday was another major checkpoint, where I ended up doing demo support in a review meeting with no less than 5 Vice-Presidents…

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A Life Lived Long and Prosperous

I am very sad to hear about Leonard Nimoy’s passing. My path only crossed briefly with his – when I moderated his panel at the Emerald City ComicCon 2010 (just days after my knee injury and surgery) and briefly again in Calgary that same year, where this picture was taken. Mr. Nimoy was quite literally a gentleman and a scholar. So erudite and with a laugh that made those around him feel at ease. (When he laughed at my joke about having broken my knee fighting crime on the moon, it was probably the first time I’d smiled since the…

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The Bird at the Door

I’m allergic to animal dander, so pets have always been out of the question for me. A few years ago, my now-husband recommended we get a birdfeeder, seeing that I enjoyed watching the birds hopping about in the very large evergreen tree that sits directly outside my condo balcony. Years later, the birdfeeder has expanded to 2 birdfeeders, as an influx of overly gregarious goldfinches and housefinches were displacing my favorites, the chickadees, from the few perches on the original feeder. The success of our little bird community has not gone unnoticed by the local wildlife, and since the New…

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GarageGate 2015

On Friday, January 23, I wrapped up my work for the day – but needed to head downtown for my TheatreSports performance. I had a few hours between, so the plan was: grab dinner, a leisurely drink, read a bit, and get centered for performing at 10:30. I got to my garage – the 7th and Pike Garage in Seattle – at around 5:50. Yes, I know that’s nowhere near Amazon. Amazon has a pretty terrible parking situation going on. I’m on the waiting list for the waiting list for parking on campus, which is probably another year away. In…

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A Farewell to 2014

This year, I learned that I’m far better at flying a jet than I am at falling through the air, that oranges are pretty great fresh off the tree in your parents’ yard, that tiaras and roller coasters are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and that I’m a far faster runner than I expected; especially when there’s an elephant involved. 2014 started for me with an amazing TheatreSports NYE show, my husband at my side, and an unbidden sense of optimism. I didn’t know how 2014 could possibly compare to 2013, which brought with it my wedding and the weddings of…

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