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Broadway’s Fickle Regards

I just returned from an overly eventful 11-day trip to the East Coast, with the majority of that time spent in New York City. The original motivation for the trip was to see Book of Mormon and to escort a dear friend from Seattle to the East Coast – she was moving to Boston semi-permanently. Then, a few weeks into my whirlwind romance in September, I discovered that my new boyfriend was planning on being in NYC for 6 weeks and my previously-scheduled trip just happened to bisect his time there perfectly. So suddenly Dave and I had made plans…

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The Old Normal

As of November 1st, I officially lost my status as Temporarily Disabled Barbie. (At least according to the State of Washington.) When I had my accident in 2010 – a fall that shattered my kneecap into 5 pieces –they reconstructed the kneecap using two screws. Two screws that, on the x-rays, looked like Home Depot drywall screws, not the advanced medical technology I was expecting. I wasn’t allowed to bear weight on the leg for 6 entire weeks, which led to some staggering atrophy. During that period, a friend asked if my doctor had granted me a temporary handicapped parking…

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Full Circle

As a performer and public speaker, it has been a long time since a performance situation or venue truly intimidated me. Several thousand people watching me dance in a theme park parade? No. (Even while wearing dreadful bowling costumes.) Six hundred women at a Microsoft technical conference? No. (Besides, we had microphones.) A 1500 person ballroom at a comic convention with a major celebrity? Not really. (I might have been a wee bit distracted by the knee surgery or the painkillers, but still not intimidated. Long story.) That’s one of the gifts improv gives you – all the world’s a…

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Soliloquy of a Graduate Student

I opened Pandora’s box today. While idling in traffic, curiosity struck me out of the blue. I’ve been keeping online journals since 1997, give or take, stretched across 4 or so sites. Would any still be active? The answer: my undergrad journal is no longer with us, but my grad school journal DOES exist, on the public internet (if you know where to find it, and no I’m not telling). You wouldn’t want to read it anyway – I had forgotten how painfully emo I was when dealing with the stress of grad school and my clinical depression. However, THIS…

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Table for One

Growing up “smart”, kids can be pretty cruel – and no matter how much academic success I found, there was also a lingering loneliness. I lost several “best” friends to what I can only understand in retrospect as jealousy or something along those lines; the streak of cruel girls was significant. Maybe I was just pathologically terrible at picking best friends until I got to middle school (where I was lucky to finally find friendships that stood the test of time.) It certainly didn’t help matters that my “romantic” life in high school was almost entirely a nonstarter except for…

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