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Amazonian Anthropology

Recently, I was watching a Twitter conversation where the querent was trying to figure out how to trace their residential history for a credit questionnaire. A reply came in from across the Internet(s): Why don’t you just check your Amazon account history? Giving it some thought, it’s rather remarkable what history can be found in most Amazon accounts. Most people in my generation with any technology predeliction have probably been using Amazon for over a decade now. That Amazon address page is a veritable scrapbook, a walk down memory lane across past permanent and temporary residences, family homes, ex-boyfriend homes,…

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Church Bells, Evolved

For centuries, long before watches were a commodity, the bells chiming from churches and other buildings to mark the passage of another hour were probably a staple of life. They are quite distracting nowadays, but I imagine they faded into the background once upon a time, subconsciously informing people of the time without conscious intervention or processing. At most workplaces, there’s now a new subconscious trigger, keeping us informed about the passage of time. But it’s not bells. In fact, it’s often masked as a vibration, but still manages to get the point across: Smartphones. But smartphones aren’t keeping time…

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The Memorable Patient

A few days ago, I had arthroscopic knee surgery to remove the two screws that have been holding my shattered kneecap together since May 10th of last year. Hopefully, by doing this, I can jumpstart a final phase of recovery and move me out of the temporarily handicapped masses. Over the past year or so, the prospect of getting the screws out was a light at the end of the tunnel. I talked to many folks who have had hardware in for one reason or another, and all seemed to agree that if the option to remove the hardware is…

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On Service Design: Pain Medication

Service design is another branch of interaction design, like user experience, that focuses on a holistic view of systems that may or may not involve technology. In simple terms, service design seeks to improve how humans interact with a service or provider.

While many of us have encountered narcotic painkillers like Vicodin or Percocet (hello, spambots) for use after minor injuries or procedures like wisdom tooth removal, it’s a whole new ballgame if you’ve had the misfortune of needing a serious procedure due to illness or injury. Based on my personal experience and the experience of close friends, it feels like there’s a major hole in the service offerings of most medical providers when it comes to ending the use of this sort of medication.

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