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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 27 Recap

MMFEC continues in their pursuit of Emile Corrigan – Governor Brackenhaven’s now-missing Chief of Staff – at the behest of Seattle DA Dana Oakes. But they overstay their welcome and find themselves in deeper than they ever intended… Tune in at 6PM PT Wednesdays for our LIVE STREAM of our Shadowrun RPG “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” on

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Immediacy Lost: The NBC Olympics

In a world where Twitch and live video platforms are rapidly emerging, NBC’s Olympic coverage – often tape-delayed and difficult to track – deprived American audiences of the context they seek so hungrily. Shared, simultaneous experiences. The context a moment in time only provides once. As many Americans know, NBC once again received very unenthusiastic reviews of its Olympic coverage this year. And once again, NBC cast blame elsewhere – spinning a tale about how millenials aren’t interested in the Olympics, or that there’s too much entertainment out there competing for those eyeballs. (Rolling Stone: NBC Blames Millenials for Low…

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