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Category: Acting

Many Years on the Final Frontier

It is a ritual we have nurtured over the course of over three years. The curlers must start heating no less than 90 minutes prior to showtime. The rollers must be in by 7:10 PM, so that we can join the others in fight call and the traditional warmups. At 7:30, we return so that our director can put to use the hair tools – teasing comb, brush, hairspray, dry shampoo, and about 30-40 bobby pins per lady – to create combat-hardened 60’s hairstyles that can take the abuse of life on the improvised Enterprise. (It’s never the same twice,…

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A Tale of Two Carols

For our second Christmas season as a married couple, my husband (David Foubert) and I plunged headfirst into the world of Christmas spirit. We ended up in different interpretations of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” just seven blocks apart. In truth, our Christmas journey began in the Mediterranean Ocean in June, where Dave got word he was asked to audition for ACT’s “A Christmas Carol”, Seattle’s long-running and respected traditional production of the work. So while we sailed from port to port in Italy, my husband began learning (and reciting) sides for Jacob Marley. It was a bit of cognitive dissonance,…

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The Power of 10

Ten years ago today, I arrived in Redmond as a new resident, about to start a new job and a new life. I had never heard of a “floating bridge”, never seen a bald eagle, never done anything remotely outdoorsy, didn’t understand why the highway had those raised “turtles” in the lane markings, and had only just discovered I might not hate microbrews. My departure from the Bay Area was the social equivalent of a nuclear bomb. My reasons for leaving were half professional – it was the year of the EA_Spouse controversy and a terrible time to be working for…

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Closure on the Sidelines

In March of 2010, I shattered my kneecap into five pieces. (If you want to know how I did it, I’ll just say that I told Leonard Nimoy that I broke it fighting crime on the moon, and he laughed, so now that’s my story.) The injury was catastrophic and instantaneous. One moment I was walking, the next minute I was in unimaginable pain on the ground, screaming like a banshee. My brain literally reasoned that all of the planets in the universe must have converged on my kneecap at once to cause such a sensation. I don’t recommend it.…

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In the scope of my existence, improv was a happy accident with a rocky journey. I started on the journey, quite simply, due to peer pressure. I was in the midst of rehearsals for my very first college show, “Compleat Works of Willm Shkspre [Abridged]”, and I was in heaven. Every rehearsal was a joy. I loved the time I spent with the cast and crew. Laughter abounded. Because it was a very physical, playful show, we spent a lot of time warming up with what I now know to be improv games. I simply thought it was some form…

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