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Plus Ca Change: A Career Announcement

My ability to acquire an augmented reality Pikachu is not the only reason July 2016 is a momentous month for me. Today marks my final day in just under 2 years at Amazon. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to work on so many historic projects – almost all of which remain unannounced, but most of which will eventually see the light of day. Thank you to everyone who I had the chance to collaborate with on this journey. I will, of course, point out what features and products I worked on as they launch. As job changes are…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 20 Recap

Episode 20 was full of DRAMA and some unexpectedly relevant conversations about race relations in the 6th world. It also showed the full range of MMFEC’s abilities; from failure to possible triumph. And their considerable talent at inter-team strife. Read on for more detail from my end of the table, or hop to the bottom for the full video replay on YouTube. We rejoin MMFEC midway through an information retrieval run for the Draco Foundation that has gone unexpectedly wrong: what was supposed to be a quick, uneventful kidnap & imitate operation turned wetwork when Cromwell’s narco-jet dart killed one…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 19 Recap

MMFEC apparently believes the best way to repay the Draco Foundation’s confidence in them is to fail spectacularly! This was a fairly Ma1nfram3-light episode due to Cromwell’s fairly inept shadowrunner chaos, so a shorter recap than normal. We rejoin the runners as they use up their remaining hotel time at the Horizon theme park hotel where they’d been put up during their time taking on the technomancer. The team rides a kiddie ride together – the attempt to ride the kiddie train failed when one team member claimed fear that it would be taken over by an insane space dragon AI,…

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Laugh, Cry, Sigh: The Journal (2016)

Laugh, cry and sigh with us! My next show runs this month – the return of Seattle Experimental Theater’s “The Journal”, July 14 – 23 at the Ballard Underground in Seattle. Advance tickets available for $18 at Brown Paper Tickets ($20 at the door). This week brings the (re)opening of a special show: The Journal; a fully improvised play inspired by the works of Nicholas Sparks (“The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, etc.) What The Journal gives us as a cast is the dramatic framework to tell nuanced stories; where characters can have significant connections and experience real emotions – good…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 18 Recap

In Episode 18 “Under the Underpark”, MMFEC has been separated from their tank and faces a more “traditional” dungeon crawl laced with physical traps along the way to their goal: bringing the technomancer who’s been terrorizing the park out alive. Read on for a recap, and then join us at 6PM every Wednesday (Pacific Time) at for the next LIVE broadcast! We rejoin MMFEC just after they’ve been separated due to the collapsed ceiling. Cromwell limps back topside for medical treatment while Ma1nfram3, Mordecai, Elsie and Fang head deeper into the abandoned military labyrinth. They take a moment to…

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