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Year of the Wedding

I never imagined that getting married would be such a communal experience. I’ve never been big into the wedding circuit. To be honest, I’ve not even been to that many weddings. Many of my friends got married before I knew them, or I wasn’t close with them yet when their marriages occurred. I’ve been a bridesmaid exactly once. Entire years have gone by when no marriages at all happened within my social circle. And as for myself, I stopped roleplaying weddings in my head a long time ago. A string of long term relationships that ended in heartbreak (and often…

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The Why of Northwest Winters

The Pacific Northwest got a little bit of national buzz this week for the “historic” snowfall that didn’t turn out to be. Still, we’re getting 3 inches in the urban core and more like 6 out here in the Burbs. Which is far more than the basic level required for our standard Northwest Snow Freakout (if you’re not familiar with our little routine, check out this radio ad from local advertiser PEMCO, “First Snow Freakout Lady”.) The difference is that such amounts of snow are enough to close government operations and major workplaces. Why is that the case? Midwestern transplants…

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Location Twister

I live 3 miles from work. Strangely, I also lived 3 miles from my previous employer in the Seattle area and I didn’t have to move when switching to Microsoft; that was just serendipity. But I’ve learned via experience that it is extremely important to my quality of life to have a minimal commute. Sure, it means that I’m usually in suburban areas; but I don’t need the pity of those who think it’s some sort of burden to live in Redmond. It’s pretty, quiet, has everything I need within a few blocks – including a board game store, emergency…

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2011 By the Bullets

Looking back at 2011 as it can be quantified into neat little bulleted lists… Cities visited: Boulder, CO (first time) Las Vegas Atlanta, GA (first time) Burbank, CA (twice) Orlando, FL New York City Yardley, PA (twice) Conferences/Conventions:

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New Year’s Reflections

2012 started well: fresh off a winning performance in our TheatreSports NYE extravaganza, my love and I headed outside and watched the (impressive) Space Needle fireworks from the grounds of the Seattle Center. Then a night of dancing and general merriment in the foyer of the Intiman Playhouse. My kind of night, and hopefully an auspicious start. I’ve never been much for resolutions. I couldn’t have foreseen how 2011 would go for me – at home, onstage, or in the office. (Especially the former two.) The best I can do is optimize, take care of myself and be prepared for…

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