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Life in the Theatre: Unexpected Productions 50-Hour Improvathon

I’ll be appearing this weekend in selected portions of the 50-Hour Improvathon at my home theatre, the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market, home of Unexpected Productions. We host the Improvathon every few years, but this year it is for a very specific purpose: to raise money to keep the theatre afloat during the challenges that lay ahead of us. (Here’s more info about the theatre and the challenges, or read below.) If you’d like to see me performing: FRIDAY: 10:30 PM – 1:30 AM (TheatreSports and Campfire) SUNDAY: 1PM – 2PM (Kids Hour) and 2PM – 3PM (Musical Hour!)…

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Anatomy of a Good Day

It was a 13-hour return to the world for me today after a little over a week recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. Recovery was slow going; the drugs were rough, and the intubation sore throat bad enough that I’m still not on a full solid diet yet. But at the end of my long day, my knee sore and cranky at the exertion, driving across the 520 bridge, I felt almost on top of the world. (No, I wasn’t still on the painkillers.) The day that started early with my postoperative appointment at my surgeon’s office. It’s the end of…

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Muppets, Technology and Me: Part 2

…Continued from “Muppets, Technology, and Me: Part 1” I fell permanently down the theme park rabbit hole when I turned 16. Just a few weeks after my birthday, my mother told me about an ad she had seen in the paper for auditions at Sesame Place. Auditions? To perform? I was already desperate to get some kind of job, but that was far beyond the scope of what I had pictured. Still, after years of debate, extemp speaking and acting, it seemed worth the time to audition. I remember being asked to do some things for a video camera, responding…

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In the Q&A Moment

As I’ve begun presenting my talk to multiple groups of people, I’ve found the Q&A sessions particularly interesting. I think that 10 years ago, before my improv training and before my experience with Microsoft’s old-school Precision Questioning tactics, such discussions would have been a nightmare for me. It’s been very enlightening to see what perspective time brings. Some folks have been extremely gracious – making sure to start out with compliments or thanks in an effort to convey their appreciation for the messages in the talk. Which is AWESOME. I often want to give them a hug before answering, which would…

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Life in the Theatre: My latest project, “All I Ever Wanted”

On Friday, April 22, I will be opening my next theatrical run – a world premiere play called “All I Ever Wanted“. If you’re in the Seattle area, please consider joining us – we’ll be performing Fri/Sat/Sun (excluding Easter) through May 8th. All performances are in TPS Theatre 4, which is on the 4th floor of the Seattle Center House. It’s a great honor and challenge to get the chance to originate a character (to perform a role in a premiere production). Especially for me, in this role – it’s a stretch. I play a married Midwestern woman 10 years…

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