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User Testing: Unlocking Feedback with Post-Test Surveys

For the first time in a while, I’m designing and running my own usability studies. Carnegie Mellon cross-trains its HCI students in both research and design, so it’s a bit like riding a bike – it comes back eventually. Post-university, I used to run studies and focus groups when I was a producer in the video game industry, because we rarely employed dedicated UX folks – but that didn’t diminish the importance of getting feedback about work in progress. At Microsoft, however, the field of user experience is split into two specialties – Design and Research – so I usually…

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In the scope of my existence, improv was a happy accident with a rocky journey. I started on the journey, quite simply, due to peer pressure. I was in the midst of rehearsals for my very first college show, “Compleat Works of Willm Shkspre [Abridged]”, and I was in heaven. Every rehearsal was a joy. I loved the time I spent with the cast and crew. Laughter abounded. Because it was a very physical, playful show, we spent a lot of time warming up with what I now know to be improv games. I simply thought it was some form…

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