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A Life Lived Long and Prosperous

I am very sad to hear about Leonard Nimoy’s passing. My path only crossed briefly with his – when I moderated his panel at the Emerald City ComicCon 2010 (just days after my knee injury and surgery) and briefly again in Calgary that same year, where this picture was taken. Mr. Nimoy was quite literally a gentleman and a scholar. So erudite and with a laugh that made those around him feel at ease. (When he laughed at my joke about having broken my knee fighting crime on the moon, it was probably the first time I’d smiled since the…

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Many Years on the Final Frontier

It is a ritual we have nurtured over the course of over three years. The curlers must start heating no less than 90 minutes prior to showtime. The rollers must be in by 7:10 PM, so that we can join the others in fight call and the traditional warmups. At 7:30, we return so that our director can put to use the hair tools – teasing comb, brush, hairspray, dry shampoo, and about 30-40 bobby pins per lady – to create combat-hardened 60’s hairstyles that can take the abuse of life on the improvised Enterprise. (It’s never the same twice,…

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Playing till the Ides of March

March is definitely coming in like a lion for me – many performances and appearances in the next 14 days, including several appearances at the Emerald City Comicon. Here’s where to find me: SATURDAY MARCH 2nd: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 12PM – 1PM, Room 2AB Performing our fully improvised Star Trek parody Playing Star Trek Catan in character as Nurse Chapel (Spock, Bones and Kirk may also appear) Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 4PM – 5:30PM, Gaming Annex NERDprov Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 7PM – 8:30 PM, Hall B Performing family-friendly shortform geeky improvised comedy…

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Life as Origami

There have been certain moments in my life where it feels as if a majority of my disparate life experiences are combining to inform a particular critical moment. In some cases, it’s not entirely surprising – like the feeling that all that Sim City play as a kid was meant to inform my future job at Maxis. There are other times, however, where one’s experiences combine to create something so utterly inexplicable that my brain has difficulty parsing the situation. As if all of the folds in life’s blank sheet of paper have come together to form some astonishing new…

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A Cloudy Day in Space

Last night was the second of six performances in our run of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, a Star Trek original series-themed improv show. When we go to the audience for suggestions, the one that tends to be most impactful is the suggestion of a thing for the alien planet to worship. Last night, as luck would have it, the deity suggestion was “Eminem”. Now, by the time our redshirt is getting the suggestions, we’re all backstage. No computers, no phones – it’s one of the things that makes improv so hard, the likelihood you’ll be asked to deal…

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