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Improv for Roleplayers: Starting Your Journey

For the last 8 months (and counting), I’ve had the honor of improvising within the constructs of a roleplaying game live on Twitch every week on “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” at Hyper RPG. Many of our fans see what we’re doing on the show and ask about how to get into improv themselves, hoping that it might enhance their own skills or the enjoyment they get out of live roleplaying. The good news is that you’d likely see benefits from just a few classes, as opposed to needing to study improv for years. Much of advanced improv study moves into the…

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Pokémon Go: The De-Gamification

I am a lifelong Pokémon fan (Pikachu was my ringbearer) that desperately wants Pokémon GO to survive and thrive. I think the game has tremendous, disruptive potential for the long term (you can read my initial writeup on But I’m also a 15-year veteran of the software, gaming and entertainment industries – and I have many thoughts on the changes in the game in the last month. In the month since Pokémon Go’s initial US release, it has been a rocky road, with spectacular highs and worrisome trends. Certainly the popularity of the game has, for the most part,…

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Welcome to the Twitchbowl: Hyper RPG

You can see Cheryl LIVE every week on Hyper RPG’s “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs”. Broadcasts are free at from 6PM – 9PM Wednesdays (Pacific Time). Rebroadcasts are available on-demand at HRPG’s YouTube channel. I joined the Twitch universe recently in a big way. In January, several of my friends from NERDprov and I were approached by a producer who had just moved up here from Los Angeles to start a gaming-oriented Twitch channel. Would we be interested in a gig where we played a pen-and-paper RPG on live on camera with each other for three hours a week? Short answer:…

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Memories of Game Dev: Playtest Notes #1

Every once in a while, I come across a notebook with a series of scribbles from my past in game development. Playtesting one’s own game and taking notes was a daily occurrence, but the notes provide a little burst of humor when taken out of context. I’ve decided that I’ll share these out-of-context gems here when I come across them. First up: A page of notes from a playthrough of an early build of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” for the GBA – my first game project for Griptonite Games. This was a relatively…

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Losing My Nintendo

For most of my gaming life, I was a Nintendo girl (and a PC girl, but those are other stories.) Our first real gaming console was the Atari 2600, which was loved but ultimately met an untimely demise when my brothers left it on for too long. Alas, poor Atari. We hardly knew ye. My first exposure to Nintendo products, as it turns out, was actually the Famicon. I was trendy and I didn’t even know it. My best female friend at the time was the technology yin to my yang. Her family were Macs and we were PCs. We…

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