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Category: Humor

What I Learned from “The Sims”

For almost two years, I worked for Maxis, a division of EA, on various Sims games including an expansion pack for The Sims 1, game text for Sims 2, and game production and design for various console and handheld titles like The Urbz. In a way, it was a dream I never had, come true – as a child, I never really considered the possibility that I might one day have the opportunity to work for the creators of my favorite PC game, SimCity. (I still remember that red copy-protection leaflet fondly…) Even prior to beginning my time at Maxis,…

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Life in the Theatre: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

In an earlier post, The Secret Starfleet, I went into detail about my experience on this production and what it started revealing about others around me. Now, we’re just a few days from opening night. At our Tuesday rehearsal last week, I laughed so hard that my abs hurt afterwards. I’ve seen Kirk fighting a leprechaun, been a native on the planet of the LOLcats, possessed by a fertility goddess. Each night, we’ll get several suggestions: a planet name, an object of worship, and perhaps a third suggestion – and using those concepts we’ll weave an original story. We’re now…

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This Trailer Not Yet Rated

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of visiting a theatre in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district that specializes in classic films and features in-theatre beverage and dinner service. I’d never been there before, but my boyfriend brought to my attention the fact that they were hosting a Muppet Movie singalong. Beer + Muppets + singing? Couldn’t get there fast enough. Now, clearly they were expecting a younger-than-normal crowd, since the movie started at 7PM. Early for a normal Friday night movie. (The 9PM was Meet the Feebles.) And sure enough, there was a nontrivial minority of theatre patrons who were…

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Life in the Theatre: Unexpected Productions 50-Hour Improvathon

I’ll be appearing this weekend in selected portions of the 50-Hour Improvathon at my home theatre, the Market Theatre in Pike Place Market, home of Unexpected Productions. We host the Improvathon every few years, but this year it is for a very specific purpose: to raise money to keep the theatre afloat during the challenges that lay ahead of us. (Here’s more info about the theatre and the challenges, or read below.) If you’d like to see me performing: FRIDAY: 10:30 PM – 1:30 AM (TheatreSports and Campfire) SUNDAY: 1PM – 2PM (Kids Hour) and 2PM – 3PM (Musical Hour!)…

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