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A Tale of Two Carols

For our second Christmas season as a married couple, my husband (David Foubert) and I plunged headfirst into the world of Christmas spirit. We ended up in different interpretations of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” just seven blocks apart. In truth, our Christmas journey began in the Mediterranean Ocean in June, where Dave got word he was asked to audition for ACT’s “A Christmas Carol”, Seattle’s long-running and respected traditional production of the work. So while we sailed from port to port in Italy, my husband began learning (and reciting) sides for Jacob Marley. It was a bit of cognitive dissonance,…

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The Power of 10

Ten years ago today, I arrived in Redmond as a new resident, about to start a new job and a new life. I had never heard of a “floating bridge”, never seen a bald eagle, never done anything remotely outdoorsy, didn’t understand why the highway had those raised “turtles” in the lane markings, and had only just discovered I might not hate microbrews. My departure from the Bay Area was the social equivalent of a nuclear bomb. My reasons for leaving were half professional – it was the year of the EA_Spouse controversy and a terrible time to be working for…

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Secret Puzzler

I have a confession to make: I spent all weekend at the office. Well, technically AN office, not MY office. It’s a ritual that happens several times a year, run by different groups but always a familiar rhythm: groups of geeky folks organize themselves into teams and spend the entire day/weekend inside solving brainteasers and puzzles competitively. There are many names: Puzzle Hunt, Puzzle Safari, DASH… But all mean a weekend of hard thinking amongst friends. I’ve been puzzling for a few years now, having first been invited along by some Microsoft Theater Troupe friends and apparently accomplishing enough to…

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Life in the Theater: Wedding Horror Stories

How often do you get to say “I’m fighting my maid of honor regularly” and have it be completely and totally normal? Back in 2012, my friend Jeannine – also the founder of one of the theater companies I worked for – placed a new show on the company’s calendar – ‘Wedding Horror Stories’. Several of us had come to a similar idea independently – I had almost pitched a Bridesmaids parody to another of my theatre companies, and the topic also came up in some production meetings. The goal was to produce a show that provided an opportunity for…

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Playing till the Ides of March

March is definitely coming in like a lion for me – many performances and appearances in the next 14 days, including several appearances at the Emerald City Comicon. Here’s where to find me: SATURDAY MARCH 2nd: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 12PM – 1PM, Room 2AB Performing our fully improvised Star Trek parody Playing Star Trek Catan in character as Nurse Chapel (Spock, Bones and Kirk may also appear) Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 4PM – 5:30PM, Gaming Annex NERDprov Emerald City Comicon (#ECCC) 7PM – 8:30 PM, Hall B Performing family-friendly shortform geeky improvised comedy…

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