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There’s No “Stop” in “Reply All”

Back when I worked at Electronic Arts, one unfortunate and apparently logic-impaired soul was seeking information about the URL for our 401K plan with Charles Schwab. There are a number of ways one might get this information… internal websites, emailing HR, asking a coworker. Or the reams of paperwork they’d foist on us during every open enrollment period. But somehow, before the era of Exchange safeguards, this individual decided the best way to handle the situation was to email a mailing list consisting of all full-time employees at the company. At the time, this meant over 5,000 people. It started…

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Design for DigiGirlz

On Wednesday, I had the unique experience of teaching 110 high school girls an intro to interaction design workshop. Officially entitled “Making the World Easier With Interaction Design”, this was a course I built from scratch after offering to teach the subject at Microsoft’s annual Digigirlz Tech Camp. It’s a free weeklong program open to high school girls. They spend the week at Microsoft, hearing speakers, seeing demos, taking tours, and doing hands-on workshops like mine. Back when I debuted my Computer Engineer Barbie talk at Interaction ’11, I mentioned that my eventual goal was to craft a curriculum for…

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Take Your Kids to Work The Carnival Day

Last Friday was Take Your Kids to Work Day, formerly Take Your Daughters to Work Day. I participated as a mentor, talking to kids and answering questions about how to combine art and technology in jobs at places like Microsoft. Now, it’s no secret that I’m pretty passionate about this kind of work, seeing as I’ve spent multiple years on the Board of IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology Evolution). It’s important to give kids enough information about what’s out there for them, in the hopes of empowering them to get passionate and make the right choices. But at the…

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Blue Water Isn’t Blue?

It’s amazing the amount of information we use and take for granted each day, unconsciously. Our minds adapt and file little shortcuts all around us to make living that much more effortless. Until one of those “truths” changes, and we’re snapped rather rudely into full consciousness like waking up in the middle of the night. The slight changes to the curves of the 520 bridge approach, for example, are still weirding me out weeks later. The first time I encountered the changes, I (like most of the Puget Sound, probably) felt convinced for a moment that I was hurtling out…

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