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Life as Origami

There have been certain moments in my life where it feels as if a majority of my disparate life experiences are combining to inform a particular critical moment. In some cases, it’s not entirely surprising – like the feeling that all that Sim City play as a kid was meant to inform my future job at Maxis. There are other times, however, where one’s experiences combine to create something so utterly inexplicable that my brain has difficulty parsing the situation. As if all of the folds in life’s blank sheet of paper have come together to form some astonishing new…

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Avocational Hazards

av·o·ca·tion [av-uh–key–shuhn] : something a person does in addition to a principal occupation, especially for pleasure; hobby: Our doctor’s avocation is painting. My avocation is acting, and it tends to generate a fair bit of curiosity and mystery for others. It’s amazing what preconceived notions some folks have about the craft! Here, based on the most frequent questions I receive, is a tour through hidden joys and challenges that one encounters as a working stage actor. Makeup: Yes, we do our own makeup. This always seems to surprise outsiders, but I’m pretty sure this is standard across the board in…

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A Cloudy Day in Space

Last night was the second of six performances in our run of “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, a Star Trek original series-themed improv show. When we go to the audience for suggestions, the one that tends to be most impactful is the suggestion of a thing for the alien planet to worship. Last night, as luck would have it, the deity suggestion was “Eminem”. Now, by the time our redshirt is getting the suggestions, we’re all backstage. No computers, no phones – it’s one of the things that makes improv so hard, the likelihood you’ll be asked to deal…

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Life in the Theatre: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”

In an earlier post, The Secret Starfleet, I went into detail about my experience on this production and what it started revealing about others around me. Now, we’re just a few days from opening night. At our Tuesday rehearsal last week, I laughed so hard that my abs hurt afterwards. I’ve seen Kirk fighting a leprechaun, been a native on the planet of the LOLcats, possessed by a fertility goddess. Each night, we’ll get several suggestions: a planet name, an object of worship, and perhaps a third suggestion – and using those concepts we’ll weave an original story. We’re now…

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The Secret Starfleet

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I’m in rehearsals for a full-length improvised comedic parody of the Original Star Trek series. It’s called “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” and we open June 23rd. (If you’re in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area or just interested in current and future performance info, you can “Like” us on Facebook here!) Now, when I was growing up, I grew up amidst a family of Trekkies. I never had much interest in the original series as a girl (“TOS” to the hardcore) but was OK with TNG (Next Generation; Picard et al) and watched a…

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