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Design for DigiGirlz

On Wednesday, I had the unique experience of teaching 110 high school girls an intro to interaction design workshop. Officially entitled “Making the World Easier With Interaction Design”, this was a course I built from scratch after offering to teach the subject at Microsoft’s annual Digigirlz Tech Camp. It’s a free weeklong program open to high school girls. They spend the week at Microsoft, hearing speakers, seeing demos, taking tours, and doing hands-on workshops like mine. Back when I debuted my Computer Engineer Barbie talk at Interaction ’11, I mentioned that my eventual goal was to craft a curriculum for…

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The Magic of Community

(To my visitors from the Carnegie Mellon homepage, many welcomes! Would love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.) Over the past few years, I’ve had the honor of participating in a unique program at Microsoft in the Server & Tools Division – the STB Women’s Leadership Council. Our chairwoman Betsy Speare recently spoke to the Microsoft JobsBlog about the WLC’s birth and importance at Microsoft. We also spoke a bit about the WLC at the panel Betsy and I participated in at TechEd 2011. I first heard about the WLC program when the woman who leads…

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A Few Steps towards a Brighter Future

The IGNITE Brighter Future Walk was a great success today – we raised nearly $5,000 (and will probably surpass that with matching corporate funds) and saw both familiar faces in addition to some new faces – like a large contingent of lovely ladies from GeekGirlCon, where coincidentally I’ll be speaking in October! (Date and time TBD.) We also presented one of the participating students with a $1500 scholarship courtesy of Microsoft! As for me, I walked three miles less than 2 weeks post-knee surgery, with a little jogging thrown in for good measure, and I’m holding up well! It was…

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“Women in Technology” Panel now available online!

If you have been following my adventures and are interested in listening to the panel I moderated at TechEd 2011 this past Tuesday, look no further. The slides and audio are now available for streaming or for download in video or audio form. Enjoy, and please do leave comments and questions if they come up! The embed is being a bit wonky at the moment, so the talk can be viewed at this link:

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