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Improv Life: “A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol”

This holiday season marks my fourth year of performing the role of Belle/Mrs. Cratchitt in “A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol” at Unexpected Productions. (We typically double-cast, so I have been sharing the role with Sarah Scheller since joining the cast.) With opening night just 3 days away, I’m in a reflective mood. Seattle area folks, good news: you can come and see me in A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol this season for just $15! I am in 11 performances this year… I’m in all Thanksgiving weekend shows (8:30 Friday/Saturday, 7PM Sunday) and in December I’m appearing Dec 3, 4, 8, 10, 17,…

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Improv for Roleplayers: Starting Your Journey

For the last 8 months (and counting), I’ve had the honor of improvising within the constructs of a roleplaying game live on Twitch every week on “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” at Hyper RPG. Many of our fans see what we’re doing on the show and ask about how to get into improv themselves, hoping that it might enhance their own skills or the enjoyment they get out of live roleplaying. The good news is that you’d likely see benefits from just a few classes, as opposed to needing to study improv for years. Much of advanced improv study moves into the…

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 21 Recap

In Episode 21, Ma1n decides to stay with MMFEC at Fang’s behest (for now), and the team pursues a split mission: with Elsie undercover in an environment only she can decipher; and the rest of the team on a stealth run to investigate a Yakuza problem for Wuxing. Tune in at 6PM PT Wednesdays for our LIVE STREAM of our Shadowrun RPG “Shadowrun: Corporate SINs” on

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Shadowrun #CorpSINs: Episode 20 Recap

Episode 20 was full of DRAMA and some unexpectedly relevant conversations about race relations in the 6th world. It also showed the full range of MMFEC’s abilities; from failure to possible triumph. And their considerable talent at inter-team strife. Read on for more detail from my end of the table, or hop to the bottom for the full video replay on YouTube. We rejoin MMFEC midway through an information retrieval run for the Draco Foundation that has gone unexpectedly wrong: what was supposed to be a quick, uneventful kidnap & imitate operation turned wetwork when Cromwell’s narco-jet dart killed one…

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