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Thoughts on “Muppets Most Wanted”

I’ve already established that the Muppets are pretty important in my life. I was happy when Disney bought the Muppets (finally) so that they could come out of retirement. Sure, I knew it probably meant more Muppets in advertising, but hell, that’s how they started so it’s hardly unprecedented. We went to see Muppets Most Wanted at the first showing, 7PM on Thursday night. It was remarkably empty, but there was little advertisement to let folks know about the Thursday “bonus” showings. And it had the delightful side benefit of making us feel as if we were alone in our…

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Being Grover

My handle on most of the Internet is “muppetaphrodite”. It’s true that I have a deep appreciation for the Muppets that runs to my infancy – an apparent near-immediate obsession with Sesame Street that I think played a large role in my reading at 18 months. That obsession was only fueled by my immediate proximity to the only Sesame Street theme park in the world, just minutes from my house (Sesame Place). My bus drove past a 3-story high Rubber Duckie every day on the way to high school. I’m sure many people who have not talked with me personally…

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Life as Origami

There have been certain moments in my life where it feels as if a majority of my disparate life experiences are combining to inform a particular critical moment. In some cases, it’s not entirely surprising – like the feeling that all that Sim City play as a kid was meant to inform my future job at Maxis. There are other times, however, where one’s experiences combine to create something so utterly inexplicable that my brain has difficulty parsing the situation. As if all of the folds in life’s blank sheet of paper have come together to form some astonishing new…

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This Trailer Not Yet Rated

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of visiting a theatre in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district that specializes in classic films and features in-theatre beverage and dinner service. I’d never been there before, but my boyfriend brought to my attention the fact that they were hosting a Muppet Movie singalong. Beer + Muppets + singing? Couldn’t get there fast enough. Now, clearly they were expecting a younger-than-normal crowd, since the movie started at 7PM. Early for a normal Friday night movie. (The 9PM was Meet the Feebles.) And sure enough, there was a nontrivial minority of theatre patrons who were…

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Muppets, Technology and Me: Part 2

…Continued from “Muppets, Technology, and Me: Part 1” I fell permanently down the theme park rabbit hole when I turned 16. Just a few weeks after my birthday, my mother told me about an ad she had seen in the paper for auditions at Sesame Place. Auditions? To perform? I was already desperate to get some kind of job, but that was far beyond the scope of what I had pictured. Still, after years of debate, extemp speaking and acting, it seemed worth the time to audition. I remember being asked to do some things for a video camera, responding…

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