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Improv Life: “A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol”

This holiday season marks my fourth year of performing the role of Belle/Mrs. Cratchitt in “A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol” at Unexpected Productions. (We typically double-cast, so I have been sharing the role with Sarah Scheller since joining the cast.) With opening night just 3 days away, I’m in a reflective mood. Seattle area folks, good news: you can come and see me in A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol this season for just $15! I am in 11 performances this year… I’m in all Thanksgiving weekend shows (8:30 Friday/Saturday, 7PM Sunday) and in December I’m appearing Dec 3, 4, 8, 10, 17,…

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Laugh, Cry, Sigh: The Journal (2016)

Laugh, cry and sigh with us! My next show runs this month – the return of Seattle Experimental Theater’s “The Journal”, July 14 – 23 at the Ballard Underground in Seattle. Advance tickets available for $18 at Brown Paper Tickets ($20 at the door). This week brings the (re)opening of a special show: The Journal; a fully improvised play inspired by the works of Nicholas Sparks (“The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, etc.) What The Journal gives us as a cast is the dramatic framework to tell nuanced stories; where characters can have significant connections and experience real emotions – good…

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A Life Lived Long and Prosperous

I am very sad to hear about Leonard Nimoy’s passing. My path only crossed briefly with his – when I moderated his panel at the Emerald City ComicCon 2010 (just days after my knee injury and surgery) and briefly again in Calgary that same year, where this picture was taken. Mr. Nimoy was quite literally a gentleman and a scholar. So erudite and with a laugh that made those around him feel at ease. (When he laughed at my joke about having broken my knee fighting crime on the moon, it was probably the first time I’d smiled since the…

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Thoughts on “Muppets Most Wanted”

I’ve already established that the Muppets are pretty important in my life. I was happy when Disney bought the Muppets (finally) so that they could come out of retirement. Sure, I knew it probably meant more Muppets in advertising, but hell, that’s how they started so it’s hardly unprecedented. We went to see Muppets Most Wanted at the first showing, 7PM on Thursday night. It was remarkably empty, but there was little advertisement to let folks know about the Thursday “bonus” showings. And it had the delightful side benefit of making us feel as if we were alone in our…

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Delusions of Glamour

Last night, an audience member approached me in our theatre’s lobby after my performance in TheatreSports. “Hey there… you see my husband standing over there?” [She indicated a tall bald man leaning on a railing across the room.] “He said you really remind him of Molly Shannon. I told him he should tell you, but he was too embarrassed because he wasn’t sure you’d think it was a compliment.” I most happily accepted the compliment and thanked her for sharing the thought. But this begs the question – why *wouldn’t* I want to be compared to a woman who spent…

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