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Fall 2017 European Tour Itinerary

After months of planning, part 2 of my European voice design speaking tour is upon us. I’m honored to be speaking 5 times across 3 cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Many of the events are close to selling out, so if one of these events interests you, please book immediately! Design Matters // Copenhagen, Denmark // Wed, Sep 28th NEW Keynote: “From Blank Page to World Stage” SOLD OUT – click here to join the waitlist. Most designers are experts at improving upon existing experiences – but how does your process translate to a brand new product? How do you…

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Business Travel for Beginners: Part 2 (The Journey)

In Part 1 of this two-part article, I discussed some of the quirks and speedbumps you might expect when planning a business trip. What happens next? Time for the journey to begin. While some of these tips may apply to all forms of travel, I find it’s far more important to be organized and comfortable when traveling for business, as your schedule is usually not your own, and snafus can mean lost income or opportunities. Packing Science You’re probably familiar with the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. If not, go buy a box of quart-sized Ziploc bags. You can only bring toiletries…

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Business Travel for Beginners: Part 1 (Planning and Booking)

Business travel tends to sounds glamorous to outsiders. Yet the reality is often anything but – once you get past the initial adrenaline rush when you represent your company on the road. And the logistics can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Let me walk you through the basics of becoming a road warrior, one corporate trip at a time. In Part 1, we’ll tackle trip planning and booking. Allons-y! Credit Cards: The Currency of the Road Don’t have a credit card? For most travel situations, the lack of a credit card is a dealbreaker. There’s a lot of risk in…

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A Farewell to 2014

This year, I learned that I’m far better at flying a jet than I am at falling through the air, that oranges are pretty great fresh off the tree in your parents’ yard, that tiaras and roller coasters are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and that I’m a far faster runner than I expected; especially when there’s an elephant involved. 2014 started for me with an amazing TheatreSports NYE show, my husband at my side, and an unbidden sense of optimism. I didn’t know how 2014 could possibly compare to 2013, which brought with it my wedding and the weddings of…

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My Africa Diaries: Nashipai’s Big Adventure

There’s one particular story about my Africa trip that I’ve been saving. I’ve described in previous posts my 3-day safari to the Maasai Mara – but I’ve not yet discussed the events of the final morning prior to our return to Nairobi. (If you’re just joining us, read this post for a recap of our time with the Maasai and an explanation of my Maasai name ‘Nashipai’ and this post for a recap of our safari game drives.) Now that the Maasai Mara wildlife reserve charges a full day’s fees regardless of how long you visit, it doesn’t make much…

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